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Policy Number: 2012-049-v
Policy Title: Laboratory and Teaching Animal Adoption
Purpose: Any animal purchased or bred for use in research, teaching, or outreach by, or donated to, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is considered the property of the University. Occasionally, healthy animals are no longer needed for the research or teaching program. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to University administration, researchers, veterinary staff, animal care staff, and other interested parties for the potential adoption of research animals outside the University.
Policy: As a humane and ethical user of animals, the University of Wisconsin-Madison encourages adoption of healthy research and teaching animals, with the following stipulations:
  • A request to adopt out an animal must be initiated by completing a "Research/Teaching Animal Adoption Request" and submitting it to RARC.
  • The animal must no longer be needed by the University as a research or teaching animal.
  • The animal must be healthy as determined by University research animal veterinary staff and not genetically modified by modern biotechnological means.
  • The animal must never have been exposed to an infectious disease that is potentially zoonotic, or have been exposed to recombinant organisms.
  • Adoption must be listed as a potential method of disposition in the approved animal use protocol that covers the animal.
  • Animals must have a suitable temperament and health to be a pet, as determined by University research animal veterinary staff.
  • Animals should be spayed or neutered before adoption. If spaying or neutering is not practicable, the person adopting an animal must agree in writing not to breed the animal after adoption.
  • Animals that are usually vaccinated as standard veterinary practice (e.g., dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.) will be current on vaccinations at the time of adoption.
  • Some research animal vendors and donors will not permit animals that originated with them to be adopted; UW-Madison will respect the terms of agreements under which it acquired animals.
  • Under no circumstances will nonhuman primates be adopted.
  • Adoption eligibility should be confirmed in advance by the Senior Program Veterinarian of the School/College or designee, and, if applicable, by the PI on whose protocol the animal is listed.
  • The University will develop processes and procedures to be followed prior to final approval of a placement for adoption.
  • Only individuals with delegated authority from Purchasing Services are authorized to grant final approval of a placement for adoption on behalf of the University.
  • Animals approved for adoption must be picked up in person by the prospective adopter.
  • The University reserves the right to refuse adoption to individuals or organizations it knows to be convicted of crimes against animals in any jurisdiction, individuals convicted of crimes against an animal enterprise under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Title 18 U.S.C. §43, individuals or organizations in violation of local or state ordinances relating to animal ownership, or to those who failed to adhere to the terms and conditions of previous adoption agreements or understandings they may have had with the University.
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