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Controlled Substances Registration and Security

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RARC Animal Program Assessment Specialists,

In Wisconsin, researchers working with controlled substances must obtain their own state Controlled Substances Special Use Authorization (SUA) and federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration. Find registration instructions and security information below.

Note: State of Wisconsin licensed practitioners who already hold an approved DEA registration may not need an SUA to conduct research. See RARC's Controlled Substances Tips for more information or call (800) 362-9082 for free legal advice.

State Registration (obtain before DEA registration):

To begin: Visit the WI Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) website to obtain the SUA Application Forms.

New applications: A complete SUA application for research must include:

  1. Completed Form #2184, "Application for Controlled Substances Special Use Authorization."
  2. Follow the instructions on the form carefully.
  3. There is no fee for employees of state institutions.
  4. Completed Form #2836, "Special Use Authorization (SUA) for Controlled Substances Checklist for Research."
  5. A detailed one-page written description of IACUC-approved study that places controlled substance use in context.
  6. Do not send the entire IACUC protocol.
  7. A copy of the IACUC protocol approval letter.
    This can be sent directly to WI DSPS, by the RARC IACUC Office, upon email request from the PI listed on the protocol. Find the appropriate contact for your school or college.
    Print out and mail in all completed forms and materials to the address listed at the top of Form #2184.

Be aware! It can take eight to 12 weeks or more to receive a response from the CSB regarding your application.

Review Form #2277,"Physical Security Requirements" and ensure there is an adequate storage area in place prior to ordering controlled substances. See also: "Storage & Security Requirements" section, below.

Review Form #2686, "Unauthorized Possession of Excess Amounts of Controlled Substances Important Notice."

Renewal applications: SUAs must be renewed annually!
No renewal notice is given by the WI DSPS. The SUA will expire if not renewed eight to 12 weeks prior to the expiration date of the current SUA.
The SUA renewal procedure is identical to that for new applications.

Modifications: Registrants must amend their SUA any time there is a change in:

See the instructions on Form #2184 to begin the SUA amendment process.

Federal registration

To begin: Researchers can apply for DEA registration once an SUA number has been issued. Visit the DEA Office of Diversion Control website and obtain the appropriate forms

New applications:
Complete DEA Form 225.

Modifications: Registrants must amend their DEA registration any time there a change in:

  1. Registrant name.
  2. Registrant address.
  3. drug schedules (i.e. a substance has been reclassified to a new schedule).
  4. drug codes requested (i.e. substances needed, for which you have not been previously approved to obtain).
    Use the DEA Update Request Form to amend your DEA registration.

Storage & security requirements
As a DEA and SUA Registrant, you are legally responsible for providing effective controls and procedures to prevent theft and diversion of controlled substances. Before obtaining any controlled substance, a secure storage area, that meets state and federal security requirements, must be set. Both the State of WI and the Federal DEA have physical security requirements but those set by the State of WI DSPS are more stringent. Compliance with WI DSPS ensures compliance with the DEA.

WI DSPS requires a wall-mounted or floor-bolted lockbox, housed in a room that is locked during non-use hours. Please, see the full list of requirements provided by the WI DSPS on Form #2277.

You can order an approved cabinet through Health Care Logistics, (800) 848-1633, or, items 3706-01 or 3707-01: slim line narcotic cabinet for ~ $100-150. Contact UW Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) or your building manager for mounting and associated costs.

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