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SMPH Policy Number: 21

Policy Title: Shared Procedure Rooms in BRMS Facilities


Within the boundaries of many dedicated animal facilities operated by Biomedical Research Model Services (BRMS) there are animal procedure rooms (including surgical facilities and euthanasia areas) that are shared by multiple laboratories. These spaces are designed to provide researchers with space to conduct research activities in close proximity to the animal housing rooms, maximizing efficiency and minimizing the need to transport animals to other locations. The use of these rooms is a privilege.

It is the expectation of the Animal Care and Use Committee that users of shared procedure rooms will meet the requirements described in this policy. Failure to follow these requirements will result in progressive action by the Animal Care and Use Committee to limit access to facilities, curtail animal use privileges, or other remedial action.

  1. Scheduling
    • The use of shared procedure rooms must be reserved in writing using the calendar system established for each room. Rooms that are reserved must be occupied within 30 minutes of the reserved start time or someone else may begin to use it. (i.e. If you sign up for a room from 10am to 2pm you must be present in the room by no later than 10:30am or it will be assumed that you no longer need the room).
    • Only reserve a room when you are going to need it. Please do not sign up for large blocks of time in a procedure room unless you know for certain that you will need the space at those times.
    • When signing up, users must include adequate time for clean-up at the end of each use.
  2. Clean-up
    • Each user will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the room when they are finished.
    • Clean-up includes: sweeping the floor, spraying and wiping down the hood and all table and countertop surface with the BRMS-provided disinfectant (e.g. Virkon), properly discarding soiled PPE, and the removal of any soiled equipment (e.g. dirty rodent cages, used surgical drapes, etc.).
  3. Investigator-owned Equipment and Supplies
    • Some shared procedure rooms may include storage space for Investigator-owned equipment and supplies. This storage space may be utilized after permission by the BRMS facility supervisor is granted.
    • All Investigator-owned equipment and supplies must be identified by PI, be stored neatly after each use, and must not interfere with the use of the room by others.
    • For any Investigator-owned equipment and supplies that need to be stored securely, the researchers must provide the BRMS facility supervisor with copies of padlock keys; lock combinations, etc. for access. Controlled drugs are not to be stored in BRMS managed shared procedure space unless an appropriate drug storage lockbox is available. Keys and or combinations to the drug storage lock box must be made available to the veterinary staff.
    • Investigator-owned equipment and supplies must be sanitized to minimize the risk of disease transmission.
    • It is the responsibility of the investigator to keep their equipment and supplies properly maintained and calibrated (e.g. isoflurane vaporizers).
  4. Use of Hazardous and Biohazardous Materials and Chemicals
    • Hazardous chemicals may be stored in shared procedure rooms with prior permission from the BRMS facility supervisor and with the provision of a Material Safety Data Sheet for each chemical from the researcher to the supervisor. All stored hazardous chemicals must be clearly labeled and stored safely.
    • When BSL-2 materials and chemical carcinogens are used in shared procedure rooms, it is the user’s responsibility to post appropriate warning signage on the door(s).
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • BRMS will provide basic PPE in shared procedure rooms.
    • Users will follow the PPE requirements described in their SMPH ACUC-approved animal use protocol or BRMS’s PPE requirements, whichever are more stringent.
Role of Investigator:

Role of Biomedical Research Model Services (BRMS):

Role of the Veterinary Staff:

Role of the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC):


Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, NRC, 2011

Animal Welfare Regulations (9 CFR, chapter I, subchapter A, Parts 1-4)


Approved: June 8, 2009
Effective date: June 22, 2009

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